2/27 Recap: Lent Resources

On Sunday we had a great talk about our Lenten sacrifices and discplines for this year. I am posting links to some of the things we talked about below, starting with the things we are doing this year at my house. A lot of this is new this year. I chose most of these things because they are conistent with and build on what we did during Advent.

Just for Mom:

Art of Lent; I read through the Art of Advent during Advent and learned a lot. I am on a personal mission to improve my appreciate and taste in art. I have found these books to be accessible and though provoking.

I am sort of a book glutton. I tend to consume books too quickly and not fully contemplate the ideas they hold. C.S. Lewis Daily Easter Devotions is a perfect check on my gluttony. It is 50 excerpts from across his work. This is how Lewis should be “consumed”, in small bites with plenty of time for the brian to digest the content.

For My Family:

(1)Dinner Devotionals:

We did a Jesse Tree with corresponding readings during Advent. We all really enjoyed that and I wanted to mirror that experience during Lent. So, I found these 40 Day Lent Ornaments that we are hanging on a ” Jesus Tree” that sits on our prayer table. Each night at dinner we are: lighting the Lent Family Candles; saying one ofLittle Duckling’s Easter Prayers; reading one of the stories from Easter Story Book: 40 Stories Showing who Jesus is or our Jesus Storybook Bible; then hanging the corresponing ornament on the “Jesus Tree” . I also ordered all of the prints from this series of Lenten Art Devotionals. The art prints are to help with our art apreciation and story recall. After we read the sotry the art print gets hung over our window in the dining area. The Easter Prayers Book has been really good for my oldest, who reads well but struggles to read poetry fluidly.


The Sacrifice Jelly Bean Jar is probably the kids favorite Lent activity. When we perform an act of service, sacrifice, etc. we get to put the appropriate colored jelly bean into the jar. I love this because it helps me notice and appreciate the good things my kids are doing.

We are working through a poetry memorization program in our homeschool. I took that off our schedule for Lent and replaced it with the Nicene Creed.

Peg Dolls

Toys or figurines really help my kids understand the stories they are reading or hearing. They use them to act out the stories. It is really a type of narration that helps tranform what they have learned into what they know. Buying an entire peg doll sets for the Crucifixion and Resurection is pretty expensive. Luckily, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. I have made 6 peg dolls so far!

During the last week in March the regular PK-5 Mass at St. Anne-Pacelli is being replaced with the Stations of the Cross. I am excited for my kids to get to participate in this. I printed them these posters so that they could follow along more easily.

From the group:

Special thanks to Kristina who told us about the Activated Disciple Bundle from Ascencion. She is working through this challenge with an out of state friend to build accountability and community. Kristina also told us about the Look to Him and Be Radiant blog. It is such a fantastic resources for parents and religious educators. This blog is full of links and resources for liturgical living and building at atmosphere of faith in the home. Thanks Kristina!

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