Family Dinner Continued: 2/5/23

Our group had a great conversation about family mealtime habits last week! If you missed it, check out my recap. This week we are going to continue our discussion by digging deep into The Happy Dinner Table. This book is fantastic. It offers so much insight into habit training, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, coercion, and human nature.

The advice offered by this book is not limited to the dinner table, but extends to every area of parenting and educating children. Covering the main points of The Happy Dinner Table is going to be a valuable way to transition into our discussion of discipline in the Habits of the Household.

Helpless parenting and a chaotic home comes from too little faith in a child’s ability to cooperate, understand, and face the reality of others’ feelings, to be kind and considerate.

Anna Migeon

If children are required to obey, the authority of the parent is a serious responsibility. We are under obligation to use it well, with respect for the child and informed knowledge of what is best, not according to our emotions and whims.

Anna Migeon

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