Morning Prayer Discussion: 1/22 Recap

On Sunday we talked about our habits of waking and practices of prayer that can orient us toward God in the very first moments of our day. I have pulled out some of our favorite quotes from Sunday for those who couldn’t make it to meeting. We talked a lot about why prayer is so important in the morning. Join us on this Sunday, January 22 for a more practical conversation on how to develop a habit of morning prayer.

“Most days, we wake up to our own monsters, desperately in need of a heavenly parent to remind us of the truth about reality–that we are loved by a good God, and because of him, everything will be okay.”

Justin Whitmel Earley

“Our best parenting comes when we think less about being parents of children and more about being children of God.”

Justin Whitmel Earley

“We are marked from our first waking moment by an identity that is given to us by grace: an identity that is deeper and more real than any other identity we will don that day.”

Tish Harrison Warren

“God is forming us into new people.

And the place of that formation is in the small moments of today.”

Tish Harrison Warren

“Education is what you learn and know–things you are taught.

Formation is what you practice and do– things that are caught.

The most important things in life, of course, are caught, not taught, and formation is largely about unseen habits.”

Justin Whitmel Earley

“What if the good life doesn’t come from having the ability to do what we want but from having the ability to do what we were made for? What if freedom comes from choosing the right limitations not avoiding all limitiations?”

Justin Whitmel Earley

These are two podcast episodes that were mentioned in our discussion. They both offer more insight into the idea that it is through rules, limitations, discipline, and dogma that we find true hapiness and freedom.

I have found the sports analogy from Bishop Barron realy helpful for myself and my kids.

A final idea that I brought to our discussion was that of ordo amoris, or rightly ordered affections. This is about knowing what is true, good, and beatiful, learning to love those things, and having the discipline to make them a priority in our lives. For more information about how I think about ordo amoris in my life and homeschool check this out.

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