Jan 15: Habits of Waking

This will be our first week digging deep into Justin Whitmel Earley’s Habits of the Household. This first chapter is on the Habits of Waking.

What is the first thing you do upon waking? How does that shape your view of the day? Of yourself? Of God?

What about your family’s morning routine? How do you think that shapes your children’s view of the world and God?

These are big questions. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts. This is definitely an area where I need growth and accountability .

I have been thinking and reading about habit training since my kids were toddlers. However, I was entirely focused on their habits. My previous attempts at habit training for myself have never gone much outside the realms of exercise and sleep. It has only recently become clear to me that I am in need of some spiritual habit training of my own. In response, I read through The Common Rule and Liturgy of the Ordinary last fall. These books both provide extra insight into what Earley says in Chapter 1 of Habbits of the Household. I am excited to share these ideas and examples with the group on Sunday!

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